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watanabe maiko

    Ethics Assistant Professor
Last Updated :2021/10/19

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  • 60736908

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Research Interests

  • medical technology   

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Philosophy and ethics / ethics of technology

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2019/12 - Today  Jichi Medical UniversityGraduate School of Medicine, Department of General EducationLecturer
  • 2019/04 - Today  Jichi Medical SchoolSchool of Medicine, Department of General EducationLecturer
  • 2018/01 - Today  The University of Tokyo, Graduate SchoolInterfaculty Initiative in Information StudiesVisiting Scholar
  • 2018/11 - 2019/03  Central Union of Agricultural CooperativesInternational Relations DepartmentStaff
  • 2017/07 - 2019/03  Kitasato UniversityMedical SchoolVisiting Scholar
  • 2016/01 - 2017/07  Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,Department of the History of Science,Visiting Scholar
  • 2015/04 - 2015/12  The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and SciencesIntegrated Human Sciences for Cultural Diversity, Educational Project3 "Science, Technology, and Inclusive Society"Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
  • 2014/04 - 2015/03  The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and SciencesIntegrated Human Sciences for Cultural Diversity, Educational Project3 "Science, Technology, and Inclusive Society"Assistant Professor
  • 2011/04 - 2014/02  Japan Society for Promotion of Science(Laboratory of Osamu Sakura, The University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initative in Information Studies)PD
  • 2008/10 - 2011/03  The University of TokyoDepartment of Public PolicyPostdoctral Researcher
  • 2006/10 - 2008/03  Kitasato UniversityGraduate School of Medical SciencesPostdoctral Researcher
  • 2005/10 - 2006/10  Citizens' Science Initiative JapanPostdoctral Researcher
  • 2006/04 - 2006/09  The Accessible Design Foundation of JapanResearch Assistant
  • 2006/01 - 2006/03  国立身体障害者リハビリテーションセンター調査補助員


  • 2002/10 - 2005/09  University of Warwick  Graduate School of Sociology
  • 1998/04 - 2002/03  International Christian University  College of Liberal Arts  Division of Social Sciences

Association Memberships

  • JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES   Society for Social Studies of Science   Japan Association for Bioethics   

Published Papers

  • “Feminization of Medicine” in the UK
    Maiko Watanabe
    Journal of Science and Technology Studies (19) 2021/01 [Refereed]
  • Gender Critical Analysis of the Other Issue of HPV Vaccine - Why are "girls" only target of vaccination?
    Maiko Watanabe
    Gendaishiso 2020/11 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • サラ・S・リチャードソン著/渡部麻衣子訳『性そのもの―ヒトゲノムの中の男性と女性の探求(Richardson, Sarah S.: Sex Itself: The Search for Male and Female in the Human Genome, University of Chicago Press, 2013))
    ジェンダー研究 (21) 2019 [Not refereed][Invited]
  • 書評 田中祐理子『科学と表象:病原菌の歴史』名古屋大学出版会, 2015, 271pp
    科学史研究 (271) 194 - 196 2016 [Not refereed][Invited]
  • 東京大学駒場博物館特別展『境界を引く⇔越える』によせて
    美術の窓 127 - 178 2015 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 出生前検査を用いた専門知による人の「生」の支配に抵抗する
    科学技術社会論研究 (11) 109 - 122 2015 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 出生前検査の高度化と「家族の<まなざし>
    家族関係学会 33 5 - 13 2014 [Not refereed][Invited]
  • Maiko Watanabe, Yusuke Inoue, Chiungfang Chang, Hyunsoo Hong, Izumi Kobayashi, Satoshi Suzuki, Kaori Muto
    JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 56 (5) 358 - 363 1434-5161 2011/05 [Refereed][Not invited]
    This paper introduces methods used to communicate with participants in the 'Biobank Japan Project (BBJP)', which is a disease-focused biobanking project. The methods and their implications are discussed in the context of the ethical conduct of the biobanking project. Informed consent, which ensures the autonomous decisions of participants, is believed to be practically impossible for the biobanking project in general. Consequently, the concept of 'trust', which is 'judgement and action in conditions of less than perfect information', has been suggested to compensate for this limitation. As a means to maintain the trust participants feel for the project, this paper proposes communication with participants after receiving their consent. After describing the limitations of informed consent within the BBJP, based on a survey we conducted, we introduce our attempts to communicate with participants, discussing their implications as a means to compensate for the limitations of informed consent at the biobanking project. Journal of Human Genetics (2011) 56, 358-363; doi: 10.1038/jhg.2011.19; published online 10 March 2011
  • M. Watanabe, T. Ohata, K. Muto, F. Takada
    PUBLIC HEALTH GENOMICS 13 (6) 327 - 335 1662-4246 2010 [Refereed][Not invited]
    As one of the countries that have invested greatly in the field of bioscience, Japan is facing difficulties introducing human genetic research to the market. A key issue is how to regulate the quality of genetic testing. Since genetic testing is a part of clinical laboratory tests, the regulatory framework for these tests should cover the regulation of genetic testing. Nevertheless, the quality of clinical laboratory tests has been regulated largely by the authority of medical professionals. The fact that genetic testing can be provided without supervision of medical professionals reveals the necessity for the regulation of quality of genetic testing. While medical geneticists have publicly criticized direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing, a group of industries related to DTC genetic testing have established self-regulatory guidelines on the quality control of genetic analysis, based on the OECD guidelines. This article describes the regulatory framework for clinical laboratory tests including genetic tests, and the gaps in regulation, which are particularly highlighted by the appearance of DTC genetic testing. Furthermore the current initiatives taken by different organizations, especially the self-regulatory initiatives by related industries, will be discussed. To conclude the article, recommendations to improve the situation will be made. Copyright (C) 2009 S. Karger AG, Basel
  • 人の必要を充足する科学技術:福祉工学における開発現場の分析
    渡部麻衣子, 上田昌文
    科学技術社会論研究 (6) 138 - 151 2008/10 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 【書評】Coburn, J. Street Science: Community Knowledge and Environmental Health Justice, The MIT Press, 2005/8/1/, pp271
    科学技術社会論研究 (5) 172 - 180 2008/06 [Not refereed][Invited]
  • 消費者に直接販売される遺伝子検査の規制をめぐって-イギリスの事例-
    渡部麻衣子, 大畑尚子, 高田史男
    生命倫理 17 (1) 216 - 222 2007 [Refereed][Not invited]

Books etc

  • Sex Itself : The Search for Male & Female in the Human Genome. The University of Chicago Press, 2013
    Sarah S. Richardson (Single translation)
    法政大学出版局 2018
  • 科学の最前線を歩く
    松田良一 (Contributor近代科学と人のいのち)
  • 人と「機械」をつなぐデザイン
    佐倉統 編 (Joint work四章 身体との調和に向かう義足の行方、六章 座談会を振り返って:人と技術の「あいだ」に立つ」)
    東京大学出版会 2015
  • 出生前診断と私たち−「新型出生前検査(NIPT)」が問いかけるもの
    玉井真理子, 渡部麻衣子編 (Joint editor医学の『まなざし』・家族の『まなざし』:出生前検査の投げかける問い)
    生活書院 2014 p42-95
  • 中村, 征樹 (【キーワード】科学技術への市民参加について)
    ナカニシヤ出版 2013/02 9784779507229 xv, 290p
  • 遺伝子と医療
    玉井真理子, 松田純 編 (ContributorDNA鑑定・遺伝子ビジネス―消費者に直接販売される遺伝学的検査の諸問題)
    丸善出版 2013 204-26
  • ダウン症 家族のまなざし Shifting Perspectives
    公益財団法人日本ダウン症協会 (Single workダウン症 家族のまなざし展』によせて)
    2013 35
  • エンハンスメント論争—身体・精神の増強と先端科学技術
    上田昌文, 渡部麻衣子 (Joint editor)
    社会評論社 2008
  • 遺伝医療と倫理・法・社会
    福島義光, 玉井真理子 (Contributorイギリスにおける遺伝医療に関する社会的議論の啓発活動-ELSI関連活動団体の動向を中心に)
    メディカルドゥ 2007 165-76
  • 選んで産む社会
    渡部麻衣子 ()
    市民科学研究室 2005

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Nuchal Translucencyを捉える視覚の生成-科学知と技術と社会の交点  [Not invited]
    第18回科学技術社会論学会年次大会  2019/11
  • Nuchal Translucency: Emergence of Quantified Vision in the Late Twentieth Century Obstetrics  [Not invited]
    Maiko Watanabe
    American Association of the History of Medicine  2017/05
  • Imaging Technologies in Aging Society  [Invited]
    Maiko Watanabe
    Frontiers of Science Forum  2016/11
  • History of Down’s syndrome  [Invited]
    Maiko Watanabe
    FDD-MB World Wide Researchers’ Conference  2012/11

Awards & Honors

  • 2011 Japan Society for Science and Technology Studies Yoshinobu Kakiuchi Memorial Award on Practice
     Construction of the perspective on Down's syndrome 
    受賞者: Maiko Watanabe

Research Grants & Projects

  • Study on the Composite Intentionality between Human and Ultrasound Technology in the Case of Nuchal Translucency
    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science:Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-UP
    Date (from‐to) : 2019/04 -2022/03 
    Author : Maiko Watanabe
  • Research Project on Technological Constructionism of Life
    Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society:ELSI Program
    Date (from‐to) : 2020/09 -2021/03
  • 科学知・科学技術の生産過程に社会的マイノリティーが参加するための方法の検討
    Date (from‐to) : 2011/04 -2014/03 
    Author : 渡部麻衣子

Teaching Experience

  • Medical EthicsMedical Ethics Housei University, Faculty of Social Policy and Administration
  • SociologySociology International Christian University
  • Bio EthicsBio Ethics Kitasato University

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