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honda yoshika

    FundamentalNursing Professor
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  • (BLANK)Master(St. Luke's College of Nursing)
  • Doctor(Japan College of Social Work)

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Research Interests

  • 臨床看護学(慢性疾患)   臨床看護学(痴呆高齢看護)   臨床看護学(尿失禁看護)   Chronic disense of Nursing   Dementia for elderly people Nursing   Urological Nursing(Incontinence Nursy)   

Research Areas

  • Life sciences / Clinical nursing

Association Memberships

  • 日本地域福祉学会   老年社会科学学会   日本社会福祉学会   日本看護科学学会   


  • 在宅痴呆高齢者の生活活性化に関する調査研究
    第41回 日本老年社会科学会  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 尿失禁予防のとりくみ-妊婦に対する骨盤底勤訓練指導の効果に関する研究
    第12回神経図性膀胱学会  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 北欧における尿失禁ケア
    医学のあゆみ  188-  (2)  144  -147  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 尿失禁のある高齢者の排尿動作阻害状況とその関連要因の分析
    聖路加看護学会誌  3-  (1)  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 在宅痴呆高齢者の生活活性化に関する調査研究
    日本老年社会科学学会  21-  (2)  1  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Investigation research about the life activation of the at home dementia old man
    A Japanese old age Social Science academic meeting  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Engaging to Prevention of urinary continence Research on the effect of the Pelric muscle trainig guidance toward the Pregnant woman.
    Neurogenic Bladder meeting  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Incontinence care for Old peoper in Sweden.
    J of Clinical and Experimertal Medicine  188-  (2)  144  -147  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Movoment of voiding barrier for urinary incontinence of elderly people
    Jof St. Luk's Society for Nuring Research  3-  (1)  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Life activity of dementia in Homecare
    Japanese Journal of Gerontology  21-  (2)  1  1999  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 軽症高血圧の生活習慣変容(LSM)と指導上の問題点 LPC式生活習慣検査からの検討
    第36回日本人間ドック学会  1995  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 軽症高血圧症に対する生活習慣変容の効果と実施上の問題点
    第30回日本循環器管理研究協会  1995  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Difficult aspects in life style modification approach for mild hypertensives : analysis by L. P. C-life habit inventory
    1995  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Useful and difficult aspects in life style modification approach in mild hypertensives.
    1995  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Menagement Problems in contiruous care of male patients with mild hypertention with special reference to alchol-intalce.
    International health inovation meeting on the third.  1992  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 患者作成によるプログレスノートの監査と評価 軽症高血圧症の薬物療法を中心として
    看護教育  32-  (12)  800  -804  1991  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 成人の慢性疾患における患者参考の病歴作成に関する研究
    日本医事新報  (3389)  1989  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Ah Attempt To make Problem-Oriented Medical Record, Emphasizing Patients Self-Doscribed History
    (3389)  1989  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 継続教育における看護専門職としての判断能力促進の要因分析
    [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 要介護高齢者の生活を支援するための在宅・施設サービスの連携に関する一考察
    [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • The factor analysis of the judgment ability promotion as a nursing special job in the continue education
    [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Consideration about coordination of the home・establishment service to support the life of the point care old man
    [Not refereed][Not invited]

Research Grants & Projects

  • 高齢者の地域生活の継続性と医療・保健・福祉の連携
    Date (from‐to) : 2002 -2003
  • Coordination of health and Social Services for the aged People in the Community
    Basic Research Promotion Service for Health and Medical Field
    Date (from‐to) : 2002 -2003
  • 慢性病をもつ高齢者の性への影響の把握と性の充実を促す援助モデルの開発
    Date (from‐to) : 1999 -2000
  • 通析施設の痴呆高齢者に対するアクライビティケアの調査研究
    Date (from‐to) : 1999 -2000
  • The development of the help model that grasping of the influence on the sex of the old man who has a choronic disease and the fulfillment of the sex are suggested
    Basic Research Promotion Service for Health and Medical Field
    Date (from‐to) : 1999 -2000
  • The investigation research of Activity care toward the dementia old man of the autority place establishment
    Basic Research Promotion Service for Health and Medical Field
    Date (from‐to) : 1999 -2000
  • 尿失禁のある高齢者の排尿動作阻害状況に関する研究
    Date (from‐to) : 1998 -1999
  • Movement of voiding barrier for urinary incontinence of elderly people
    Basic Research Promotion Service for Health and Medical Field
    Date (from‐to) : 1998 -1999

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