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  • Yukiko Ishikawa, Joji Ishikawa, Shizukiyo Ishikawa, Kazuomi Kario, Eiji Kajii
    JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 27 (1) 8 - 13 0917-5040 2017/01 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Background: Subjects with prehypertension (pre-HT; 120/80 to 139/89 mm Hg) have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD); however, whether the risk of pre-HT can be seen at the pre-HT status or only after progression to a hypertensive (HT; >= 140/90 mm Hg) state during the follow-up period is unknown. Methods: The Jichi Medical Cohort study enrolled 12,490 subjects recruited from a Japanese general population. Of those, 2227 subjects whose BP data at baseline and at the middle of follow-up and tracking of CVD events were available (median follow-up period: 11.8 years). We evaluated the risk of HT in those with normal BP or pre-HT at baseline whose BP progressed to HT at the middle of follow-up compared with those whose BP remained at normal or pre-HT levels. Results: Among the 707 normotensive patients at baseline, 34.1% and 6.6% of subjects progressed to preHT and HT, respectively, by the middle of follow-up. Among 702 subjects with pre-HT at baseline, 26.1% progressed to HT. During the follow-up period, there were 11 CVD events in normotensive patients and 16 CVD events in pre-HT patients at baseline. The subjects who progressed from pre-HT to HT had 2.95 times higher risk of CVD than those who remained at normal BP or pre-HT in a multivariable-adjusted Cox hazard model. Conclusion: This relatively long-term prospective cohort study indicated that the CVD risk with pre-HT might increase after progression to HT; however, the number of CVD events was small. Therefore, the results need to be confirmed in a larger cohort. (C) 2016 The Authors. Publishing services by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of The Japan Epidemiological Association.
  • Yukiko Ishikawa, Taro Takeshima, Junichi Mise, Shizukiyo Ishikawa, Masami Matsumura
    International Journal of General Medicine 8 261 - 266 1178-7074 2015/08 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Purpose: General practitioners have an important role in diagnosing a variety of patients, including psychiatric patients with complicated symptoms. We evaluated the relationship between physical symptoms and psychiatric disorders in general internal medicine (GIM) outpatients in a Japanese university hospital. Materials and methods: We coded the symptoms and diagnoses of outpatients from medical documents using the International Classification of Primary Care, second edition (ICPC-2). The participants were new outpatients who consulted the GIM outpatient division at Jichi Medical University Hospital in Tochigi, Japan from January–June, 2012. We reviewed all medical documents and noted symptoms and diagnoses. These were coded using ICPC-2. Results: A total of 1,194 participants were evaluated, 148 (12.4%) of whom were diagnosed as having psychiatric disorders. The prevalence of depression, anxiety disorder, and somatization was 19.6% (number [n] =29), 14.9% (n=22), and 14.2% (n=21), respectively, among the participants with psychiatric disorders. The presence of several particular symptoms was associated with having a psychiatric disorder as compared with the absence of these symptoms after adjusting for sex, age, and the presence of multiple symptoms (odds ratio [OR] =4.98 [95% confidence interval {CI}: 1.66–14.89] for palpitation OR =4.36 [95% CI: 2.05–9.39] for dyspnea OR =3.46 [95% CI: 1.43–8.36] for tiredness and OR =2.99 [95% CI: 1.75–5.13] for headache). Conclusion: Not only the psychiatric symptoms, but also some physical symptoms, were associated with psychiatric disorders in GIM outpatients at our university hospital. These results may be of help to general practitioners in appropriately approaching and managing patients with psychiatric disorders.
  • 自治医科大学女子医学生への有効な卒前教育プログラム確立のための自記式調査
    石川 由紀子, 牧野 伸子, 山本 さやか, 石川 鎮清, 松村 正巳
    医学教育 (一社)日本医学教育学会 45 (Suppl.) 108 - 108 0386-9644 2014/07 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Joji Ishikawa, Yukiko Ishikawa, Donald Edmondson, Thomas G. Pickering, Joseph E. Schwartz
    BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING 16 (4) 159 - 167 1359-5237 2011/08 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Background Ambulatory blood pressure (BP) (ABP) is a better predictor of adverse cardiovascular events than office BP (OBP). Owing to the extensive literature on the 'white coat effect', it is widely believed that ABP tends to be lower than OBP, with statements to this effect in Joint National Committee VII. However, recent evidence suggests that the difference varies systematically with age. Methods We searched PubMed to identify population studies, published before April 2009, which assessed OBP and either ABP or home BP (HBP). On account of significant heterogeneity in the outcomes, random effect models were used for the meta-analyses. Results OBP increased with age more steeply than awake ABP. OBP became higher than awake systolic/diastolic ABP at the age of 51.3/42.7 years in men (13 studies, N = 3562) and 51.9/42.3 years in women (11 studies, N = 2585). In the data in which OBP and HBP were measured (eight studies, N = 4916), OBP was higher than HBP at all ages. In the data in which OBP, awake ABP, and HBP were all measured (two studies, N = 895), awake ABP was higher than HBP at younger ages, becoming similar at the older age. Conclusion OBP tends to be higher than awake ABP only after the age of 50 years for systolic and after the age of 45 years for diastolic BP, but is lower than ABP at younger ages; in contrast OBP tends to exceed HBP at all ages. Blood Press Monit 16: 159-167 (C) 2011 Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • 日本人地域一般住民の心血管イベントにおけるPrehypertension(前高血圧症)のリスク JMSコホート研究より
    石川 由紀子, 石川 譲治, 石川 鎮清, 苅尾 七臣
    日本高血圧学会総会プログラム・抄録集 (NPO)日本高血圧学会 33回 282 - 282 2010/10 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • かかりつけ医による生活習慣病予備軍への行動科学的個別支援の効果 東久留米市国保ヘルスアップモデル事業より
    石川 由紀子, 石川 鎮清, 竹迫 弥生, 石橋 幸滋, 中村 正和, 梶井 英治
    プライマリ・ケア 日本プライマリ・ケア学会 31 (3) 134 - 142 0914-8426 2008/09 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 【pre-hypertension】 地域住民におけるpre-hypertensionの特徴
    石川 由紀子, 苅尾 七臣
    血圧 (株)先端医学社 15 (8) 676 - 680 1340-4598 2008/08 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Ishikawa Y, Ishikawa J, Ishikawa S, Kayaba K, Nakamura Y, Shimada K, Kajii E, Pickering TG, Kario K, Jichi Medical School Cohort, Investigators Group
    Hypertension research : official journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension 31 (7) 1323 - 1330 0916-9636 2008/07 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • Pre-hypertension(前高血圧)の病態と臨床的意義 日本人地域一般住民におけるPre-hypertension(前高血圧)の規定因子 各年齢における肥満の影響 JMSコホート研究
    石川 譲治, 石川 由紀子, 石川 鎮清, 星出 聡, 萱場 一則, 梶井 英治, 島田 和幸, 苅尾 七臣
    Journal of Cardiology (一社)日本心臓病学会 50 (Suppl.I) 148 - 148 0914-5087 2007/08 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 長岡 宏美, 秋山 真人
    感染症学雑誌 (一社)日本感染症学会 76 (11) 901 - 910 0387-5911 2002/11 [Not refereed][Not invited]
    原因不明で1ヵ月以上に亘って発熱がみられた患者(≦37.5℃)を対象として,Q熱リケッチア(Coxiella burnetii)保菌者の頻度をNested PCR法により検討した.観察期間は1999年1月〜2000年9月であった.54例中13例が陽性であり,C.burnetii感染者では発熱の症状だけでなく倦怠感(7例),頭痛(7例),嘔気(5例),咳(4例),睡眠障害(3例)など複数の症状を訴えた.非感染群(41例)では,持続する微熱だけの訴えが多かった(25例).感染群ではCRP,白血球数,好酸球数,自己抗体陽性率において非感染群と有意差はなかった.血清IgE高値の患者が感染群に多かった.更に血清IgE値が感染群で有意に高値であり,血清IgEとC.burnetii感染の関連が示唆された.感染者12例にミノサイクリンを4週間投与したが,全例でDNA検出は陰性となり,9例で症状は軽快した.3例では発熱は軽快したが症状は継続してNested PCR法でのDNA検出は一旦は陰性化した後,2〜3ヵ月で再度陽性となり治療抵抗性の可能性が示唆された
  • Hakamata Y, Ishikawa Y, Nagaoka H, Akiyama M
    Kansenshogaku zasshi. The Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 76 (11) 901 - 910 0387-5911 2002/11 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • 重症筋無力症にネフローゼ症候群を発症した一例
    石川 由紀子, 竹島 太郎, 袴田 康弘
    リウマチ (一社)日本リウマチ学会 41 (2) 492 - 492 0300-9157 2001/04 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 6年前に同様の症状を呈し今回血球貪食症候群と診断された症例
    竹島 太郎, 石川 由紀子, 袴田 康弘
    リウマチ (一社)日本リウマチ学会 41 (2) 474 - 474 0300-9157 2001/04 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 慢性Q熱感染で治療抵抗性を示唆する症例の検討(第2報)
    袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 小島 紘一, 佐古 伊康, 長岡 宏美, 秋山 真人
    日本内科学会雑誌 (一社)日本内科学会 90 (臨増) 237 - 237 0021-5384 2001/02 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 【症例から学ぶ"息苦しさ"への対応】 突然の発熱,呼吸困難で発症し,再燃を繰り返した血球貪食症候群の1例
    石川 由紀子, 袴田 康弘
    JIM: Journal of Integrated Medicine (株)医学書院 10 (12) 1036 - 1039 0917-138X 2000/12 [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Q熱リケッチア(Coxiella burnetii)保菌者の臨床症状の検討
    袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 佐古 伊康, 長岡 宏美, 秋山 真人
    日本総合診療医学会会誌 日本総合診療医学会 5 (1) 12 - 12 1347-7927 2000/12 [Not refereed][Not invited]


  • 【身体所見の意義と身体所見のとり方】 皮膚所見から診断に迫ろう
    石川 由紀子, 村田 哲  月刊レジデント  5-  (3)  86  -91  2012/03  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 【予備群と特定健診】 かかりつけ医による指導は? 医師ができる糖尿病予備群への指導のコツについて教えてください
    石川 由紀子  Q&Aでわかる肥満と糖尿病  10-  (4)  561  -563  2011/07  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • Yukiko Ishikawa, Joji Ishikawa, Shizukiyo Ishikawa, Eiji Kajii, Joseph E. Schwartz, Thomas G. Pickering, Kazuomi Kario  JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION  28-  (8)  1630  -1637  2010/08  [Refereed][Not invited]
    Background Prehypertension is associated with an increased risk of the development of hypertension and subsequent cardiovascular disease. However, it is unclear whether the increased risk of cardiovascular disease associated with prehypertension varies by duration of follow-up (i.e., the first 5 years vs. second 5 years) or varies between nonelderly and elderly individuals. Methods We enrolled 11 000 community dwelling persons (6739 women and 4261 men, aged 18-90 years) from the Japanese general population, followed them for an average of 10.7 +/- 2.4 years (117 517 person-years) and evaluated the incidence of cardiovascular events (including both stroke and myocardial infarction). Results In the full cohort, prehypertension was associated with a 45% higher risk of cardiovascular events than normal blood pressure after adjusting for traditional cardiovascular risk factors (hazard ratio = 1.45, P = 0.03). The risk of cardiovascular events with prehypertension during the second 5-year period was elevated in the nonelderly subgroup (<65 years) (hazard ratio = 2.13, P = 0.01), but not in the elderly subgroup (>= 65 years) (hazard ratio = 0.93, P = 0.82) (P = 0.054 for the difference in hazard ratio). The elevated risk with prehypertension during the first 5-year period was not significant in either the nonelderly (hazard ratio = 1.60, P = 0.36) or elderly (hazard ratio = 1.19, P = 0.63) group. However, the risks with prehypertension were not statistically different between the first and second 5-year period. Conclusion Prehypertension is associated with an increased 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease; the provocative finding that this risk may be especially elevated during the second 5-year period in the nonelderly requires confirmation in a larger cohort. J Hypertens 28: 1630-1637 (c) 2010 Wolters Kluwer Health vertical bar Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • 当科で診断されたリウマチ性多発筋痛症の検討
    袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 佐古 伊康  日本老年医学会雑誌  39-  (Suppl.)  88  -88  2002/05  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 総合診療科と各専門科との患者紹介
    袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 小島 紘一, 佐古 伊康  日本総合診療医学会会誌  5-  (1)  14  -14  2000/12  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • プライマリーケアと病診連携の係わりの検討 基礎疾患による高齢者の受療機関選択の違い
    袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 小島 紘一, 佐古 伊康  日本老年医学会雑誌  37-  (Suppl.)  171  -171  2000/05  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 長期有熱患者におけるQ熱リケッチア(Coxiella burnetii)の保有頻度の検討
    袴田 康弘, 石川 由紀子, 小島 紘一, 佐古 伊康, 長岡 宏美, 秋山 真人  日本内科学会雑誌  89-  (臨増)  272  -272  2000/02  [Not refereed][Not invited]
  • 浜口 潔, 井川 晴友, 中川 雄公, 佐野 正幸, 石川 由紀子, 江口 壽榮夫, 西森 久晃, 筧 基  リハビリテーション医学  36-  (12)  960  -960  1999/12  [Not refereed][Not invited]

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