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  • Li Wang, Yosuke Tanaka, Doudou Wang, Momo Morikawa, Ruyun Zhou, Noriko Homma, Yuki Miyamoto, Nobutaka Hirokawa
    Cell reports 24 (11) 2894 - 2907 2018/09 [Refereed][Not invited]
    Kinesin superfamily proteins (KIFs) are molecular motors that typically alter the subcellular localization of their cargos. However, the atypical kinesin KIF26A does not serve as a motor but can bind microtubules and affect cellular signaling cascades. Here, we show that KIF26A maintains intracellular calcium homeostasis and negatively regulates nociceptive sensation. Kif26a-/- mice exhibit intense and prolonged nociceptive responses. In their primary sensory neurons, excessive inhibitory phosphorylation of plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase (PMCA) mediated by focal adhesion kinase (FAK) rendered the Ca transients resistant to termination, and the peripheral axonal outgrowth was significantly enhanced. Upstream, KIF26A is directly associated with a FERM domain of FAK and antagonizes FAK function in integrin-Src family kinase (SFK)-FAK signaling, possibly through steric hindrance and localization to cytoplasmic microtubules.
  • Oxysterol-binding protein-related protein (ORP) 6 localizes to the ER and ER-plasma membrane contact sites and is involved in the turnover of PI4P in cerebellar granule neurons.
    Mochizuki S, Miki H, Zhou R, Kido Y, Nishimura W, Kikuchi M, Noda Y
    Exp Cell Res. 370 (2) 601 - 612 2018/09 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • KIF2A regulates the development of dentate granule cells and postnatal hippocampal wiring.
    Noriko Homma, Ruyun Zhou, Muhammad Imran Naseer, Adeel G Chaudhary, Mohammed H Al-Qahtani, Nobutaka Hirokawa
    eLife 7 (e30935) 2018/01 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • Tanaka Y, Niwa S, Dong M, Farkhondeh A, Wang L, Zhou R, Hirokawa N
    Neuron 90 (6) 1215 - 1229 2016/05 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • Zhou R, Niwa S, Guillaud L, Tong Y, Hirokawa N
    Cell Reports 3, 509 - 519 2013/02 [Refereed][Not invited]
  • Ruyun Zhou, Shinsuke Niwa, Noriko Homma, Yosuke Takei, Nobutaka Hirokawa
    CELL 139 (4) 802 - 813 0092-8674 2009/11 [Refereed][Not invited]
    The kinesin superfamily proteins (KIFs) are motor proteins that transport organelles and protein complexes in a microtubule- and ATP-dependent manner. We identified KIF26A as a new member of the murine KIFs. KIF26A is a rather atypical member as it lacks ATPase activity. Mice with a homozygous deletion of Kif26a developed a megacolon with enteric nerve hyperplasia. Kif26a(-/-) enteric neurons showed hypersensitivity for GDNF-Ret signaling, and we find that KIF26A suppressed GDNF-Ret signaling by direct binding and inhibition of Grb2, an essential component of GDNF/Akt/ERK signaling. We therefore propose that the unconventional kinesin KIF26A plays a key role in enteric nervous system development by repressing a cell growth signaling pathway.

Conference Activities & Talks

  • A molecular motor, KIF13A, controls anxiety by transporting the serotonin type 1a receptor  [Not invited]
    Ruyun Zhou
    2013 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB )Annual Meeting  2013/12
  • A molecular motor, KIF13A, controls anxiety by transporting the serotonin type 1a receptor  [Not invited]
    Ruyun Zhou
    The 36th annual meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society, 2013  2013/07
  • Novel Kinesin Superfamily Protein 26A (KIF26A): A key Regulator of GDNF-Ret Signaling in Enteric Neuronal Development.  [Not invited]
    Ruyun Zhou
    2009 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB )Annual Meeting  2009/12

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